Python Basic Tutorials

Python is a high level general purpose programming language which has a clear/easy learning curve. Python programming language is massively used in various domains like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Web Development, Utilities Tools and Scripts and many more

Python is a Programming language, and the default Python we use is written in C programming language which is also referred to as CPython (Python implementation in C). There are various implementation of Python Programming language i.e Jython(in JAVA), Skulpt(in JS) e.t.c

To make everything easy: We refer CPython as Python

Python Pattern Matching

Switch Statement from Python 3.10

In Python 3.10, A match statement and case statements of patterns with related actions have been added to provide structural pattern matching. Sequences, mappings, primitive data types, and class instances are examples of patterns. Programs can branch on data structures, execute specific actions based on distinct sorts of data, and extract information from complicated data types using pattern matching.

Basic Syntax

match status:
    case pattern_1:
    case pattern_2:
    case _:
Example 1 (Getting weekday with switch statement in Python)
def week_day_from_number(number):
    match number:
        case 1:
            return "Sunday"
        case 2:
            return "Monday"
        case 3:
            return "Tuesday"
        case 4:
            return "Wednesday"
        case 5:
            return "Thursday"
        case 6:
            return "Friday"
        case 7:
            return "Saturday"
        case _:
            return "Week has only 7 days"

Example 2 (Getting HTTP error from HTTP status code with Switch statement)
def http_error(status):
    match status:
        case 200:
            return "OK"
        case 201:
            return "Created"
        case _:
            return "Error"