Python – Installation and Usage

The first step before jumping inside Python , we should have a clear understanding on why we are we into python .

Python is a scripting language , it is a powerful , easy to use language . The readabilty structure of Python makes it the best . Python syntax is easy , so programmers and non-programmers can easily start programming. Python has a good community . Python consists of hundreds of built in modules which makes it easy for solving many tasks so easily .

Python supports object oriented programming  . It is dynamically typed , means that the type for a value is determined in run time .
And the best part , it is free and open source .

Installing Python

Major Operating system nowadays comes up with Python Preinstalled .

Download Python from : 
Confirm your python installation with command : python -v
Make sure to install pip , pip is a package management system used to manage 
python packages . Pip is already installed with the latest release .
Check for more information.

Basis Usage , Let’s try out

Open up the terminal and enter the python shell using command :  python , should open a python shell .

Note : Please make sure to check the versions of python you have , if you have multiple versions installed . In that case python2 for Python version 2 and python3 for Python version 3 should work unless you have defined python in path to reflect anyof the versions you have .

Once the shell is up , lets try something ,

Performing basic's 
Hello world Program

print("Hello world")  #outputs you : Hello world

message = "Hello world"
print(message)        #outputs you : Hello world

Try : Python shell is a calculator , try to perform some mathematical 
calculation over there. Enjoy. !!

Something I Use

Jupyter notebook : Interative web based application to create share your code 
Pycharm IDE      : Has community version which is free 
Google collab    :

Good resource to follow up

Forums              :
Conf. and Workshops :
Python News         :
Community News      :
Beginners Guide     :
A/V                 :

It’s Never late to start Python .

Error’s Should Never Pass Silently

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